Saturday, November 2, 2013

Savage Afterworld and NaBloPoMo

     So I met the amazing Tim Snider at Con on the Cob (more about CotC later) and subsequently learned of his blog, which for the most part deals with Mutant Future from Goblinoid Games. In today's post on his blog, he spoke of three writing exercises for the month of November (national novel writing month, national game design month and national blog posting month) It is the last one that caught my interest, with my spotty postings. I will endeavor to have at least one post a day for November, of course I will have to make up for yesterday. Also, he mentions that tomorrow there will be a big announcement on his blog. I am hoping for something from Cryptworld (Tim has co-author credits that book), but whatever it is I am looking forward to it. Let us see what this month brings us!

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  1. Sorry, but it was a Mutant Future supplement. But *NOW* I'm working on a future Cryptworld release. :) Thanks for the kudos!