Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Blog! Ran a Low Life rpg.

Hello and welcome to my first posting. I am hoping to have some useful information and if I get some helpful feedback in the process, then that's even better. This afternoon I ran a savage worlds setting called Low Life (by Andy Hopp), which is a post (post, post, post) apocalyptic world where humans are no more and the world is run by werms, croaches, sentient snack cakes and the like. This game was postponed from last week so I was glad it got off the ground today.

I had pre-gens made up for the players and planned on running the the first adventure (Pastor of Puppets) in the plot point campaign. The characters chosen were as follows; Arnul Dru'mond (croach weirdo), Xxoo (obsessed oofo, hoink in training), Churro Fishcake (werm, aspiring price-o-corn),and Glorp Smegulator (pile, hoink). I quickly went over the basics of the character sheet and set the opening scene, which starts at a puppet show focusing on how wonderful the ancient (and extinct) hooman race was. One of the audience members doesn't particularly care for that and things go downhill from there. In more ways than one, as combat ends with the first player to attack taking the bad guy out in one massive shot.

You see, when you roll the maximum you can roll on a die, you get to reroll, until you stop maxing, and that is what happened. Oh well, plenty more action to be had as this was only the beginning. Bennies were the next big thing the players picked up on, as some of there rolls were bad, this let them try again. Once they learned how they could earn more bennies, they were all over that, cracking some real groaners.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and I asked what they though as we wrapped up. The response was positive and they wanted to come back for more :) Let me know what you all think, the next one will most likely be about my D&D 4e game. Take care and thanks for stopping by.