Friday, August 15, 2014

Gen Con 2014: day two

     Here I am, typing away. After posting yesterday I went back to the exhibit hall visited Goodman Games booth (again) to pick up their program guide. When you purchase this item, you roll on a table to see if you get anything else, examples are getting the guide itself for free or one of the giant posters that adorn the booth. I happened to get the 50 dollars off my purchase at the Troll Lord Games booth, with a qualifier that it is not endorsed by Troll Lord. I was nervous as I approached the Troll Lord guys, but they werepretty cool about it, they liked the note that Joe Goodman wrote for me.

     Today started off well, I went to play in a DCC game at Embassy Suites, and it was amazing. I have a picture but my tablet does not want to load, bleargh! I got to play a dwarf,and I almost died once. Out of the six of us that started, only four survived. I got to watch a spell duel and the halfling jumped off a platform and landedthe villain who had been hovering out of range. That has been all of what I have done so far today. More to come!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gen Con 2014: day one

     So, here I am at Gen Con, surrounded by gamers of all stripes. I am not a big fan of enormous crowds, but for this I can make an exception. I have visited with friends and swung by the Goodman Games booth to pickup my kickstarter adventures and a few fanzines I neededto pick up. So far it is looking pretty good. I have pictures, but I cannot get them to load, so you will get visuals later.

     One of my highlights today was meeting Reid San Fillipo, creator of the awesome zine Crawling Under a Broken Moon. I talked with him for a bit, hopefully I will talk with him later. I also got to talk a bit with Nick Seidler of the Diary of Doctor Who rpg's online zine(at Really cool stuff there. More stuff later, fingers crossed!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

RPG a Day #6 and #7

     What is your favorite rpg you never get to play? Most of the time I am running the game, but usually I have at least played most of these games once. I have yet to play in a DCC game, though that will be fixed this Friday at Gen Con. I think, truthfully, I would pick just to be able to play more often, no matter the game.

     What is the most intellectual rpg I own? I feel Fate, which I have on pdf, fits into that. Creating connections with the other players is a big thing, at least when a friend tried to run Spirit of the Century, and sometimes my brain just does not want to work in that way. So there is my criteria, if I have to really concentrate, then it is intellectual. sorry folks, I am not that deep, lol.

Friday, August 8, 2014

RPG a Day #4 and #5

     Most recent rpg purchased? Technically it is the D&D starter, but as I have owned some iteration of D&D since I was a kid, so besides that box I recently got a copy of Dungeon Crawl Classics. I was able to run the free rpg day adventure, Elzemon and the Blood Drinking Box. Incidentally, this comes in second to most old school rpg owned
      The top spot, for me, goes to Labyrinth Lord. You can do race as class, or use the advanced edition companion to do simulate AD&D. It feels the same, except that someone polished up the rules a bit. It is compatible with most any D&D module I have and the amount of third party support adding to it is inspiring. The best part of these rules, as with most other retro clones, you can download the rules for free. Anyone get the rules and play, with an easy way to try it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

RPG a Day #3

     So, the first rpg I purchased? The first one that I bought using my own money was ....
Dungeons and Dragons expert set, Mentzer rules with the Elmore cover. I found it in a corner store that was a cross between dollar store and a mini Target store, set in the early 80's of course. That was when I discovered that each boxed set covered only a certain level range. Despite that, it was still pretty cool, especially the art! I used the crayon to color in my dice and dreamed of adventuring on the Isle of Dread, which had been included in the box.

     More to come later!

RPG a Day 2

     What was the first rpg I GMed? Came home from work to find my wife, brother in law and a couple of his friends wanting me to run Call of Cthulhu for them. They had been reading my third edition of the rules and were quite persuasive. They made characters, and I ran The Haunted House for them.
We had a blast, most memorable part was during the climax when one of the players tried to remind the villain of his humanity. In return, the villain slashed open the character's belly. I allowed him to receive first aid to survive. This was my first time involved in CoC and I could see why people loved it. As a group I only ran them the part of one other adventure before it fell apart, but while we were playing, it was wonderful fun.

Monday, August 4, 2014

First RPG I Ever Played

     Running behind on these, and despite not being in the loop I will try to follow along here. So day one is what was the first rpg you ever played.
     While visiting relatives, an older cousin had the Advanced rules books and he let me look at them. I was totally mesmerized and at some point he ran me through some adventures, starting with forays into the Caves of Chaos. So my introduction to role playing was a mix of advanced and basic. The fact that he lived an hour and a half away saved him from my constantly pestering him, and he was around eight years older so he soon was out of the house. Thankfully I would soon find friends who played, but that is a different post.


Hiatus and moving on

       I have busy lately, and isn't even game related. Dealing with annoying neighbors and finishing up work on my bathroom here, in addition getting a kid ready to go to college. Meanwhile life moves ever onward, with Gen Con looming ahead! I plan on being there from Wednesday through to Sunday, as long as nothing surprises me.Working on more art for Crawling Under a Broken Moon, really exciting stuff coming up from that. I'll be back Monday before I leave for work, fingers crossed. See ya then!