Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summoned from shadows!! part 2

When we last left our group, they were in the ruins and were eager to check out the tomb of Nightscythe. Upon entering said tomb, Praxana and Thornfel began examining the room, which had a vaulted ceiling, statues and murals along the walls, with the sarcophagus along the back wall. The murals depict the rise and fall of the Cael'Doresh people, their evolution into the tieflings of today. The pc's notice shadowy creatures alongside the devils in the pictures and the guys realize these are the things that tried to sabotage the elevator. They discover that the sarcophagus slides out to reveal a set of stairs descending into a large room filled with many items, some magical but mostly regular. Alas, there is no major artifact to be seen. Praxana checks behind a rotting chariot and discovers a hole in the floor.

They find a cave underneath, along with some tracks and unnerving shadows wavering at the corner of their vision. They begin to follow said tracks when several shadows dart out and attack. Two of these creatures grab Praxana and Thornfel (Venomia stayed up in the tomb) dragging them away.

This is where I shall stop telling what all happened and tell you this. I got nervous and held back. I know I should not have, but there you go. The first wave of umbral were minions that when they get hit, they come back as a specific umbral targeting the pc that "created" them. I came up with spined, hulking and mastermind umbral, which were fun to run. I am cleaning up the stat blocks and if there is interest I will post them here. Needless to say, the pc's survived and are searching for the artifact.

Please tell me what you think, maybe there is a topic I should discuss some more or a totally new thing you would like to hear about. Take care guys!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summoned from shadows!!

So, another Sunday night and another game under my belt. Tonight I introduced them to the umbral, a shadowy race that existed int the time before the tieflings broke their pacts with devil kind.

The session began with them being brought to an archaeological dig site by a horse drawn carriage. Upon arrival they meet Venomia, Thornfel (male tiefling), and Praxana (female dwarf) who are overseeing the venture. They have to take an elevator down into the Starfel, as the site is located in a cavern in the crater wall. They notice the elevator is being lowered by an ogre working a turnstile and that the rope have runes on them to protect and strengthen them. Praxana lets them know, as she closes the gate to the elevator, that it would take a few minutes to be lowered to the entrance. This allowed the pc's to ask questions, until the car began to shudder and they noticed shadowy forms messing with the ropes, and the pulleys at the top. Zeeblun (invoker) and Quarion (wizard) discovered the creatures were manipulating the runes on the ropes. The both of them then manipulated the runes themselves and caused a surge of electricity to zap the things before they could cause more mischief.

The elevator finally arrives safely on a platform, and they enter the cavern entrance. Apparently when the Starfel was formed, a building was shoved into this cavern and it came to rest on the tomb of a legendary tiefling named Tarlvane Nightscythe. It is rumored a valuable artifact was sealed in his tomb, so everyone is anxious to fully investigate the ruins. Also, the shadowy creature remind Jinx of stories she heard as a child, about a race called umbral (see previous post).

I shall post the rest tomorrow, but it is late and I need my beauty sleep, hehe. Take care guys, hope to hear from you guys soon!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Umbral

Ever since the tieflings of Cael'doresh broke their pacts with devil kind, destroying or sealing away the portals to those infernal realms, children have been warned of the umbral. Practice whatever discipline you prescribe to, meditate upon this fact that if you meet an umbral in the the shadows, you are dead. Shadows seem to exist for them as they as air does for us to breathe and even the brightest light casts a shadow.

What little can be surmised of these creatures is that they live and move through shadow. In appearance, they are shadows moving on their own, twisting in the corners of your vision until they are ready to strike. An uncanny ability to adapt to attacks separates them from their devil comrades, more like demons in that respect. Umbral existed alongside the devils of old Cael'doresh, before the tieflings broke their pacts. Little is known of this time as many records of that time were destroyed.

If ever the umbral return it will be a grim time indeed, for can the devil be that far behind? There may be dark times ahead, but there will be heroes at hand who may prevail!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Help Wanted: Monster Design

I am throwing this out to the masses in the hopes that I get some good suggestions (please?). My Sunday game is currently fourteenth level (4E D&D), and they are at Starfel, the former capitol of the tiefling nation. I say former because around seventy-five years ago a flaming rock fell from the heavens and smashed the capitol of Cael'doresh into the ground. Upon their arrival, Jinx (a tiefling) sought the ambassador she had rescued from the city of Galen. The ambassador, Venomia, asks Jinx and the pc's in general, if they would be interested in visiting an archaeological dig site.

My plan is at some point in checking out this dig site, they will encounter a race from the the far in the the Cael'doresh nation's past, a boogie man if you will. In my mind, I visualize a shadowy being that, when hit drops easily, but comes back with an edge against it's attacker. I do not want a long list of powers, ideally I will use a minion for the initial creature, then switch to one of several specific creations.

I could go resistances for the different damage types, but I would rather have something special. This is where you come in, do not be shy, if you have any suggestions please let me know, knowledge of 4E is not necessary. All ideas are welcome and I am looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Diggin old "Dragon"s

Recently I acquired ten Dragon magazines from a used bookstore nearby, more precisely, issues 71-72, 75, 79, 87-89, 108, 110, and 151. Amazing artwork abounds, as well as the first installment of Snarfquest. These range from March '83(AD&D) to November '89(2nd edition). From Boot Hill/ Top Secret adventures to Oriental Adventure support, it is amazing the diversity of information just waiting to be bent to my will, a-hahahahahaha. Ahem, excuse me for that outburst.

Number 71 starts with a Clyde Caldwell cover and a missive in the letters section about Mazes and Monsters, I can almost feel like a kid again. Next, Gary Gygax comes up with some new druid spells and fleshes out some quasi(and non quasi)deities from the Greyhawk setting. The big thing here is "The Taming of Brimstone", an adventure for the Boot Hill game. It is just begging to be adapted for Deadlands or any other western rpg you like. Of course it ends with the comics, What's New with Phil and Dixie, Dragonmirth, and Wormy. Ahh, memories!

Another Caldwell cover on issue 72, as well as the new cavalier class and the ecology of the piercer! Ed Greenwood has an extensive treatise on gemstones that is interesting. As this is an April issue there are a few April fool's type articles included such as valley elf song lyrics(parody of valley girl) and Duh Jock (new class). As usual, it ends with the usual comics fanfare, woot!

Jack Crane has a whimsical cover for Dragon 75, and the letters include a few about play by mail games. Ed Greenwood gives us the ecology of the mimic and two or three articles give some depth to devils and the Nine Hells. Gamma World gets some more creatures, while an aquatic adventure (Can Seapoint Be Saved)is featured for AD&D. An article giving tips to dungeon masters is informative, and I also learn Origins was held in Detroit in 1983!

Jack Crane(whimsy be thy name) is once more our cover artist and we are treated to the ecology of the treant as well as the winners of the Gen Con miniature competition. A Top Secret mission "Wacko World" is included, with a short article about freelance submissions.

Our third and final Crane cover has various animal plants attacking some adventurers, this is followed up inside with an article by Mr. Crane about these various plants. We learn how to take our game out of the dungeon as well as the ecology of the dryad. More Greyhawk deities get fleshed out and Stalking the Night Fantastic gets a poor review. Operation: Whiteout, a Top Secret mission, is featured as well as the Ares section for sci-fi content such as Star Frontiers, Traveller and Gamma World.

Well, I have to go, but I will be back with the rest of those, if anyone is interested. The ads are great, with the 007 game, ICE's Middle Earth rpg, just all kinds of games and merchandise. Catch you guys later, and take care!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Where will it go from here? Part 2

We had a half group on Sunday so it was mainly role-play, but it was still fun. They helped out the goliaths and gained their trust through helping their sick and injured. Then it went in an unexpected direction, the tiefling decided they should seek help from her people to stop the Grave Dancers Union. This required a trip up the river that would take several days to complete.

Kalik Kalir, chieftain of the goliaths, allowed the pc's the use of two of their watercraft to speed them on their journey. Along the way they stopped at a couple of places where the group had assisted the locals before, to see how they may hamper the Grave Dancers efforts in the region. At Laketown, an old woman sold Jinx (the tiefling) a beautiful cloak, will play a part in the adventures ahead, only I know bwahahaha (and I am not telling).

Eventually they make it to the Starfel, where seventy-five years ago a fiery rock fell from sky and smashed the tiefling capital into the ground. Many say this was punishment from the gods for their dealing with fiends while some tieflings believe the gods where aiming for the drow living in the underdark below. Upon arrival Jinx sought the location of the tiefling ambassador she had rescued. This seemed a good place to stop, we will see in two weeks where this leads them.

Take care folks!!