Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summoned from shadows!! part 2

When we last left our group, they were in the ruins and were eager to check out the tomb of Nightscythe. Upon entering said tomb, Praxana and Thornfel began examining the room, which had a vaulted ceiling, statues and murals along the walls, with the sarcophagus along the back wall. The murals depict the rise and fall of the Cael'Doresh people, their evolution into the tieflings of today. The pc's notice shadowy creatures alongside the devils in the pictures and the guys realize these are the things that tried to sabotage the elevator. They discover that the sarcophagus slides out to reveal a set of stairs descending into a large room filled with many items, some magical but mostly regular. Alas, there is no major artifact to be seen. Praxana checks behind a rotting chariot and discovers a hole in the floor.

They find a cave underneath, along with some tracks and unnerving shadows wavering at the corner of their vision. They begin to follow said tracks when several shadows dart out and attack. Two of these creatures grab Praxana and Thornfel (Venomia stayed up in the tomb) dragging them away.

This is where I shall stop telling what all happened and tell you this. I got nervous and held back. I know I should not have, but there you go. The first wave of umbral were minions that when they get hit, they come back as a specific umbral targeting the pc that "created" them. I came up with spined, hulking and mastermind umbral, which were fun to run. I am cleaning up the stat blocks and if there is interest I will post them here. Needless to say, the pc's survived and are searching for the artifact.

Please tell me what you think, maybe there is a topic I should discuss some more or a totally new thing you would like to hear about. Take care guys!

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