Monday, August 1, 2011

Where will it go from here? Part 2

We had a half group on Sunday so it was mainly role-play, but it was still fun. They helped out the goliaths and gained their trust through helping their sick and injured. Then it went in an unexpected direction, the tiefling decided they should seek help from her people to stop the Grave Dancers Union. This required a trip up the river that would take several days to complete.

Kalik Kalir, chieftain of the goliaths, allowed the pc's the use of two of their watercraft to speed them on their journey. Along the way they stopped at a couple of places where the group had assisted the locals before, to see how they may hamper the Grave Dancers efforts in the region. At Laketown, an old woman sold Jinx (the tiefling) a beautiful cloak, will play a part in the adventures ahead, only I know bwahahaha (and I am not telling).

Eventually they make it to the Starfel, where seventy-five years ago a fiery rock fell from sky and smashed the tiefling capital into the ground. Many say this was punishment from the gods for their dealing with fiends while some tieflings believe the gods where aiming for the drow living in the underdark below. Upon arrival Jinx sought the location of the tiefling ambassador she had rescued. This seemed a good place to stop, we will see in two weeks where this leads them.

Take care folks!!

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