Thursday, July 23, 2015


     I hope I am coming out of a dark period, this past week or two has been a trial. Personally things seemed kind of hopeless, as well as how the whole world in general. Dealing with others became difficult and getting things done was a trial. At that point, everything turns dark. Game ideas take on a brutish and slightly sadistic nature. Just run a game where there is no guarantee of survival, maybe those that perish are the lucky ones.
     I feel I have moved past the bulk of it. Actually getting things done, despite the feelings of dread, moving forward with projects. Wish things would turn around, but there you go. Life is not fair.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Die Drop or Drop Die Tables

     In recent months I have been seeing these more often, especially on G+. Some are plain, with sections blocked out and simply one word or a short phrase to let you know what happens. Then there are the elaborately illustrated and everything just looks beautiful, maybe there are no words, just an image to incite the mind. It was not until this past week that Tim Shorts posted one he had put together that I started wanting to do my own. Firmly fixed in my current DCC zine mania, I started with a table for Street Kids of Ur-Hadad and will get one together for Crawling Under a Broken Moon. I have a cigar box I like to stick whatever zines I am using for the game into, as well as rolling dice inside of it. Well that would be perfect to stick a paper with the appropriate table in the bottom of. Thanks for the idea, Jaques van der Merwe, I saw it in response to Tim's post.

     The purpose of my table will be to add a little something different when I next run folks through the neighborhoods of Ur-Hadad. I began with a list of things that I feel would be interesting for the PC's to encounter while winding along the streets, sewers and side alleys.

I ended up with eight different things
2.Gang Member
4.Gliding Monk/Immaculate Priest (weird/sci-fantasy element)
6.Debris (on a min or max die roll, it is something actually useful)
7.Screech Weasel Attack
8.Time/Space Event

Used a piece of scrap paper to block out where everything will go. This isn't necessary, you could just draw squares (or any shape, really) and write what you want each one to be.

My next step was to get my sketch pad out and get started, making it look like a street scene and I will add little things to the background to liven it up. When I finish it up, I'll post it here so you can get a good look at it.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy (day after the) Fourth of July

     Past couple of days have been a roller coaster. Things are looking up, just need to keep it going that way. Doing some more art for Crawling Under a Broken Moon, wishing my scanner still worked and tempted to mail my art to Reid in the case to avoid the using inadequate scanners again. Work is going the way it has been, slowly into the ground, with the higher ups having no clue what is happening on the ground level. They tend to make ill informed and asinine decisions that just further that spiral. This really does not help with anyone's disposition, let alone mine. House related issues have improved, gas leak meant we had no hot water and could not cook on the stove for three weeks. Thankfully it was spring, so freezing was not an issue.

     Game wise, I managed to pull off two DCC Road Crew games so far this year with the hopes that future games will occur here and abroad. Already looking at heading to Cincinnati to run Mall Maul, though at the moment that is as far afield as I am willing to go. I am excited about spreading my love of DCC and expanding the local pool of players. Anyone interested, just let me know! Looking forward to good feelings and fun, and no negativity. So wish me luck, haha. I leave you with a picture of the wooded countryside...