Friday, September 12, 2014

New Doctor Who

     First off, Capaldi is amazing. Second, this new season has me wanting to run some more DW:AiTaS. Whenever I watch the show, I am always looking for new technobabble that I can use. My flgs has the limited edition rulebook from cubicle 7, and I am debating whether to pick it up and get rid of my old David Tenant set. I am such a hoarder that sometimes I need to stop and put things in perspective, and the new hardback is shiny, ooh. Here it is...
Look at how shiny I am!
     Maybe I could run some more games of it at Ravenstone, open table sort of thing. *sigh* wish there was more time in the world, oh well. See you all later!

     By the way, let me know what you all think of the new series of Doctor Who!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Here we go again....

     Lately many things have kept me busy, one of those being my illustrations. Whether it is for a fanzine or my own personal use, I have been stretching my artistic muscles and remembering how fun it is to create something visually. For my upcoming Crawljammer DCC game I drew a lizardman that my wife incorporated into flyer for the store.
 Collaborating on these with her makes it even better, and we have been together long enough that we sync pretty well. I am going to run a zero level funnel using Reid San Filippo's "Mall Maul" from Crawling Under a Broken Moon #3, and I am finishing up a flyer for that one as well.

     Reminder, September 27th 12:30 at Ravenstone Games (Columbus, Ohio) I will be running the Bat Men of Venus level 1 adventure from Crawljammer #1. No experience necessary, pre gens will be provided. Looking forward to seeing some new faces there as well as familiar ones! Take care, until next time.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ye Gods, I am back!!

     The month of August was a crazy time, Gen Con kind of did me in and then I had to send one of my spawn off to college. The RPG a Day fell by the wayside, my rpg experiences do not seem to fit some of those questions. Well now I am back and you will be hearing from me a bit more often. There is still more about Gen Con and my upcoming DCC rpg games I am running! As of now I have a game scheduled for Saturday September 27th, 12:30 at Ravenstone Games in Columbus, Ohio. Be there or be rhomboid.
This is the flyer heralding my game, I drew the lizardman, but my wonderful wife put it all together! Classy, eh?