Thursday, November 14, 2013

Night of the Doctor: minisode

     OMG! Just a few hours ago, the BBC gave us this wonderful present. To give you some time to watch it and avoid spoiling what happens, I have placed a couple picture in the interim.
Imperious Hartnell
No Ben, I don't think your head will fit.

     So, we have Paul McGann in a bit of new Who, plus the Sisterhood of Karn. Now I have to get Brain of Morbius out, hehe. Definitely time war related, a lot of folks hate the time lords as much as the daleks, but you know what? PAUL McGANN! Sorry, just excited to see him acting as the Doctor as opposed to listening. Lovely seeing the Sisterhood again, way back with Tom Baker we saw them and he helped them out so now they return the favor. "Fat or thin, young or old, man or woman." is what Ohila said, giving the possibility of switching genders, though with the elixir from the sacred flame they can do amazing things. I am really looking forward to what the BBC and Moffat have in store for us in the coming nine days. Later folks.

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