Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Clockwork Mage? Gearborn?

     While looking for weird historical items for a Cryptworld game I came across the following information:

"Driven by a key-wound spring, the monk walks in a square, striking his chest with his right arm, raising and lowering a small wooden cross and rosary in his left hand, turning and nodding his head, rolling his eyes, and mouthing silent obsequies. From time to time, he brings the cross to his lips and kisses it. After over 400 years, he remains in good working order. Tradition attributes his manufacture to one Juanelo Turriano, mechanician to Emperor Charles V. The story is told that the emperor's son King Philip II, praying at the bedside of a dying son of his own, promised a miracle for a miracle, if his child be spared. And when the child did indeed recover, Philip kept his bargain by having Turriano construct a miniature penitent homunculus."

     Pretty cool, eh? Then I started thinking what a fantasy class involving clockworks. So, even though I have not come up with a good name, here is what I have come up with. I used the customized classes article by Paul Crabaugh from Dragon magazine #109. I would like to try it out with Labyrinth Lord, but any osr system will do.

Gearborn (?)
Requirements: Dex 9
Prime Requisite: Int
Hit Dice: d6
Humans who become gearborn are fascinated by the way things work, especially clockworks. They enjoy creating wondrous mechanisms to delight and amaze. There are a select few who thrill to see there work used in new and different ways, possibly in dangerous circumstances. Gearborn learn and create schematics that allow them to create these mechanisms, and as they level, the designs become more and more complicated. Their armor is limited to leather and weapons they have some skill in are daggers,  blunt weapons, and bows. Magic items gearborn can use; armor, weapons, rings and potions. Also, Gearborn are able to pick locks, find/remove traps, and hear noise as a thief of the same level.
Saving Throws:
Level    Breath Attacks   Poison/Death   Petrify/Paralyze   Wands   Spells/Spell-like Devices
1-4               16                      14                   13                  15                    14
5-8               14                      12                   11                  13                    12
9-12             12                      10                   9                    11                    10
Gearborn Level Progression
Experience   Level    Hit Dice(d6)
0                     1            1
1260               2            2
2520               3            3
5040               4            4
10080             5            5
20160             6            6
40320             7            7
78750             8            8
157500           9            9
236250           10          10
315000           11          10+ 1hp
393750           12          10+ 2hp

So, how was that? Next I will come up with some schematics and we will see where that goes. Until then, take care and remember, comments are always welcome!

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