Saturday, November 9, 2013

Andrew Raymond, Grandview Theater, and Doctor Who's Fiftieth Anniversary!!

     Andrew is a big part of the Columbus Doctor Who scene, as a founding member of Doctor Who Columbus and part of the Grandview theater showing Doctor Who. I though it would be cool to ask him some questions and see what was in store for us on November 23rd.

First question, how did you first discover Doctor Who?

     I was exposed to Doctor Who at a very young age. My father liked the programme and I watched it along side him from the time I could stay up late enough (10pm Saturdays on WOSU at the time). My first memory is from 1986, but I may well have been watching from before then. It was Seeds of Doom, and I remember the Krynoid. 

Awesome! Which classic Who episode would you say is your favorite and why 

     Many, many favorites. I really do have fond memories of Seeds of Doom, so that certainly rates highly. I also love Revenge of the Cybermen. It was the only Doctor Who videotape that the Grandview Library had at the time, and we borrowed it, and I watched it very day for a month, way past it's due date. I think my mom ended up nearly buying it with the late fees! I've also always liked Inferno probably because of the alternate universe aspect. 

I knew that question was a bit unfair, though it isn't stopping me from asking again. This time pick your favorite new Who, and why? 

     I love Blink. Steven Moffat had really made the ultimate Who episode. When I first watched it I knew it was supposed to be suspenseful and scary, so I came home from work late that Saturday and hooked it up on my living room TV with all the lights out and just basked in it's combined humor and fright. It was wonderful. 

How did you become involved with Doctor Who Columbus? 

     I had started my own DW club years before in 1997 which had then gone defunct by 2001. But, two years later I was interested in being a part of a group again. I noticed online that there was a website called and they had a Doctor Who group listed for Columbus. In reality there was no group, and is a website you have to pay money to to advertise a real group. Luckily I was able to contact the other two people who were trying to be a part of it as well, and we circumnavigated and setup a time to get together. I was unable to meet at the first meeting, but came to the second one I think. One thing lead to another and we grew into a Yahoo group as well. 

You are part of the Grandview theater showing Doctor Who Saturday nights, was that difficult to get started? 

     Strangely enough that was very easy. One of our club members, Steve Pompa, who lives in Grandview, was attending the theatre and they happened to mention they were interested in showing the new Doctor Who. He called me up and suggested I stop by and talk with them. So I did, and voila! This was the start of season six, with Matt Smith. after that went so well we discussed showing classic Doctor Who, which has now also gone very well. 

The 50th anniversary is close (November 23) can you tell us what the Grandview Theater will be doing in celebration? 

     Sure! It's quite an event we're lining up. It will start at 11am. First of all the episode 'Day of the Doctor' is almost movie length. It will be simulcast across the world, and as of now it will be airing around 2:30pm, but we have a full schedule lined up beforehand. We will be watching the first ever episode of Doctor Who at 12:15, but beginning at 11 we will have clips and videos from the whole run of Doctor Who history. Between these little videos we have quiz questions lined up for prizes. A full costume contest with bigger prizes, and a silent auction for an actual Doctor Who costume from the original series. We will also have groups in the hallway who will be selling/ promoting their stores and groups. We have goodies at the concession stand including the Doctor's favorites: Jammie Dodgers and Jelly Babies. Seating is for 300, but that has been filled to capacity for prior events so show up early! More details will be coming too, so be sure to check the DWC Facebook, and the event page for updates.UPDATE: The episode will air at 2:50pm here. See how everyone needs to join the Event page to keep up with it all. 

Awesome, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Take care!

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