Thursday, November 21, 2013

More design schematics part 3

A few more schematics for you all, and I hope the updated stats are clear, later guys!

Level 1
Duration: 10 turns (1 minute)
Range: 30'
This is a useful schematic that when built can be used to move devices undetected. A crawler is key wound and resembles a spider in shape. It is up to the GM what chance someone has of noticing this device in motion.

Drowsing Mist
Level 1
Duration: 4d4 turns
Range: 60' if thrown, 30' if using a crawler
A key wound timing device controls when sedating compound is misted into the air, affecting a 20' cubed area and up to 2d6 hd worth of creatures. The device can be thrown, rolled, or can be attached to a crawler. Sedated creatures are oblivious to most noises and jostling, but will be awakened by very loud noises and being slapped or wounded.

Ocular Fascination
Level 1
Duration: 1 round, + 1 round per level
Range: 5'
A glowing, key driven driven device that faintly resembles a metronome. This can only affect 1 person at a time, leaving them vulnerable to suggestion, though they can never knowingly take an action that would harm themselves or their loved ones.

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