Thursday, November 7, 2013

Con on the Cob: Friday Night

     Friday night and I was able to get a ticket for Tim Snider's Cryptworld game. Thankfully I there were three other players, so Tim went over the basics of the system for those of us who were unfamiliar with it. Basically a percentile based system, you want to role under the target number for general checks. For specific ones you take the difference between what you rolled and the target number and consult an action table.

The game was called Condition Critical, and is this; Dr. Howard Eastman has called a press conference at his remote research facility to announce a medical breakthrough that will “eradicate human illness and suffering forever.” But what if the cure proves to be worse than the disease? We were a newspaper reporter, his photographer partner, a magazine journalist, and a medical researcher (me). We ended up at a creepy building that had been converted into a small country hospital and it went downhill from there. Tim set the scene beautifully, so to speak, I felt like I was in a seventies b-movie. Since it was set in modern day, we all had cell phones, as much good as that did us. We all had a great time and Tim had a copy of Cryptworld that Dan Proctor had sent with Tim to give away, since one guy already had it and the other two did not have a gaming group with which to play, I got it!
Once again, I can't remember any names, except Tim Snider (far left) and myself
     So, after the game I hung out with Tim and helped him in his quest to find Brian Thomas. Brian had some original Cryptworld art That Tim wanted to check out. That is a whole other story, after that the night kind of went downhill. My family was running a little late and when they were almost to the con, a deer jumped out in front of them. thankfully no one was hurt (besides the deer) and the van was drivable. It really was a awful end to a pretty great day. Remember, comments are welcome and they help decide what I do or do not write about. Take care everyone!

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