Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Doctor Who: Best to Worst

     Recently, as in this past week, a friend has gotten into Doctor Who and was wondering where they should start with the classic series. Not surprisingly a web site came up with a best to worst list here. I totally agree with their number one, Davison's swan song is amazing. If more of his tenure was like that, Davison has said he may have stuck around. Directed by Graeme Harper, who would go on to direct some amazing stuff in new who, does a fantastic job here with lighting and development. City of Death comes in at number three and you can see Douglas Adams influence (he was the script editor at the time) in the story. This is one that most fans agree that you can show folks unfamiliar with Doctor Who and they will get it. Tom Baker really gives his performance a wonderful energy, with lines like "What a wonderful butler, he's so violent!"

     Coming in last is the perennial last place, Timlash! Poor Colin Baker's contribution has Peri once more the object of the monstrous villain's attentions, serious over acting, the scenery gets chewed so much, it is insane. Paul Darrow hams it up (to eleven) and a squeaky voiced blue android does not help. Give the list a look and see what you find.


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