Monday, November 11, 2013

Doctor Who Anniversay Trailers!!

     This past weekend we have been gifted with not one, but two trailers from the BBC! Oh man, starting off, watched it with my wife and she asked about an alien that appears at the one minute mark. I informed her it was a zygon, and quickly set forth to get Terror of the Zygons for her to watch. Once she had seen that I said "So basically, with the zygons involved, you can't really trust that anyone you see in any trailers are who they are supposed to be." Plus, it was a good reason to go out and get a copy of it, since it had just released this past October. So, where was I? Oh yes...

     The first trailer really got me excited, especially with the music going in the background. Going by what I said previously, Rose at the :23 mark could possibly be a *gasp* zygon. I mean with the glowy eyes, it's that or residual energy from the vortex when she was Bad Wolf. The building suspended over the pit at the :04 mark looks to be the same as in the painting of Elizabeth's Credentials and the people in the background of that little clip, including the woman with the Tom Baker scarf, can be seen at the :21 mark. Of course, there is a big red button, that we can safely assume should not be pressed under any circumstances!

     The second trailer released doesn't have the cool music playing as the dalek saucers are attacking and the "camera" sweeps through the mayhem. It makes up for that with it's 1:20 minute run time, though the two trailers each have a scene or two that the other does not. At :43 mark we have the "brainy specs"and :39, :48 we have the sonic screwdriver comparison, and :56 mark could be Elizabeth. I don't have the eye (or computer) for detail that some of you do, so let me know what you all have found or surmised. Take care and happy hunting!

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