Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Check these out! Doctor Who stuff

     I have several pod casts that I enjoy, and of the Doctor Who related ones, there are two that stand out. First is The Memory Cheats, hosted by Steven and Josh, it is an amazing walk through Classic Who. The premise is the give their instant reactions to randomly selected, Classic Who stories. Whether it is available or not, they talk about it, since the missing stories have a reconstruction or an audio track. They post on Thursdays and are currently on #87. If it is an episode they have seen, they will talk about the circumstances in which they saw it, maybe their PBS station skipped an episode or played part of it in black and white. Little things that make it a little different then your standard "Well this happened and then that, and there you go." You can check out their Facebook page here.

     Next we have Radio Free Skaro, which includes Steven from before, as well Warren and Chris. This is a more general pod cast in that they cover most everything Doctor Who, but they also do an an amazing job covering , well...everything. My favorite segment is the mini-scope especially the current series of them, which has them covering the producers of Who from Verity Lambert to Moffat. It has been recommended by Doctor Who Magazine and voted most popular pod cast by members of Gallifrey Base, you should definitely check it out (Facebook page here)

     Finally I really enjoy Siskoid's blog of Geekery, with it's general geek related stuff, but he has been going episode by episode through all of Doctor Who. Go to his blog and you will find he is currently in Christopher Eccleston's season. At the end of each season he writes it up as if it were a group of people playing in a Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space campaign, really cool stuff.

     Just give these a look and tell me what you think, take care folks!

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