Monday, December 9, 2013

OMG, watching Alphas

     Growing up I was big into super hero comics, all from the big two since my only access to comics was gas stations and the little corner store in town. Television super heroes were mostly in cartoon form on Saturday mornings, though there were a few that made it into prime time/live action. After awhile they seemed to disappear, except for Misfits of Science (though not based on a comic, still super heroes) and that Gen X Marvel thing.

     In recent years we have had a resurgence of live action super hero media, kicked off in the movies with Toby Maguire in Spider-Man then with Smallville and Heroes on the small screen. I have been watching Alphas on Netflix and it is a lot of fun, somewhat akin to early x-men. Every "alpha" has one power, and the normal populace is scared of them, ready to imprison and dehumanize them when possible. During the season one finale, there was a big shoot out between the government and an alpha terrorist organization called Red Flag. During the fight there were two alphas that resembled characters from the Marvel New Universe comic D.P.7, Mastodon and Scuzz. I was hoping that maybe the show writers were fans, possibly slipping obscure nods in here and there, but so far that is it. I still have season two left to watch, so fingers crossed.

     So jumping to a slightly connected topic, Ron Blessing has an idea spinning off Alphas and other such stuff. It is Fr3@k$:Humanity Evolved and it sounds great, though that was from March of 2012. Hopefully there is something more there, I will see what I can find out and if any of you know anything, please leave a comment. Later guys!

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