Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holidays are not made for blogging

     Christmas and New Years are rapidly approaching and here we are, pressed for time. This means, as you may have noticed, I am not worried about keeping up with the daily schedule from November. There will at least be one or two posts a week, especially if something comes up. I have more schematics waiting to be written up for the tinker, hopefully enough to make the class more interesting. I still have to finish telling you all about the rest of my time at Con on the Cob this year. Of course we have the Time of the Doctor Christmas special coming up! I am in the process of get the Shaintar adventure ready for January 18th, and there is plenty of room if anyone out there wants to sign up. Another game I am planning for next year is the Labyrinth Lord game where the players explore Vol' Choloris' lair. I am excited about what I have planned for next year and I hope you are as well!

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