Saturday, December 7, 2013

a little conversation

     I am sitting here at home hoping that things pick up tomorrow. My furnace is having some issues and it is currently 18 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so typing is helping keep my fingers moving. Coming off last month has me feeling like posting more often than I was before. This blog allows me to interact with the gaming community, even when I can't be in or run a game, which helps pick me up when I feel down. I am looking forward to next year and everything that it promises.

      I hope that in some way I can help others here as well, with my interviews and pointing out various kickstarters and such. So many things come out that it is hard to pick just one thing to back or purchase, and some of these do not get as much public notice as they should, so I thank you if you checked out Meg Lyman, Heather Kreiter or Lydia Burris's art. I love sharing my appreciation for Doctor Who with you all, notably with this past month being the 50th anniversary and all. Podcasts are another love of mine, at least when they are interesting. Even if it is about something I like, if it is uninteresting I cannot listen to it for very long.

     My "day" job can be very taxing at times, and it limits when I can do things since most things happen at night when I am working. Writing here eases the rough times, especially seeing how many people have looked here and the different countries you all are from. Even more wonderful is when I get comments from you guys. If anyone has suggestions or would like to see an interview with somebody specific, let me know. I leave you now with a little beard/mustache action.

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