Sunday, June 22, 2014

Free RPG Day: Elzemon and I

     This would have been posted earlier, but I took a nap. Priorities, what are you gonna do, eh? Got to Ravenstone an hour early to get set up for the game. Savage Afterworld's Tim Snider had stopped by earlier, had to return home. Ultimately I had three players who picked from amongst the pre gens Goodman Games provided, and at 2:15 (giving any late arrivals a chance to get in on the game) they began their trek to retrieve the blood drinking box. Talonir the Warrior, Ziwdang the Wizard and Ahlrick the Cleric! They decided to purchase a donkey to help carry the box back to town. Unfortunately throughout the expedition, they were plagued by crappy rolls on their part and shortly after the halfway mark, the wizard got dropped. I allowed him to be revived by being force fed a healing potion, since he was at zero. At the final "encounter", though the die rolls seemed to rally to the cause, the dice betrayed them once again. Naturally the wizard was the first to fall, followed by the cleric. The warrior held on a bit longer, but like his fellows succumbed to grievous wounds.

     Despite my having killed off their characters, they had fun and are looking forward to future events. I am crossing my fingers that there will be more folks joining in to give DCC and other games a try. Gaming is more than D&D and Pathfinder, right? In addition to running the DCC adventure, I picked up James Raagi's Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children. It has some fun ideas behind it, though I have only read the first part of it. I like it when I see something that takes a different path, and boy is it different! Enough of this, I am running another DCC game tomorrow so I am signing off. Take care all!

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