Sunday, November 23, 2014

Oh look, Thanksgiving is coming up!

     Where did the time go? I have been working on my secret NaGa DeMon (National Game Design Month) and time just seems to be move too fast. Today I pause for the 51st anniversary of Doctor Who, happy that I now own a custom Pat Troughton sonic screwdriver. It is a welcome addition to my costume that I hope to improve for next year's Con on the Cob!
Troughton's sonic was basically a penlight.

Being black and white, the color of his sonic isn't clear, so I went with red. Pretty spiffy, eh?

     Pete Spahn at Barrel Rider Games is running a project through Indie Gogo, a class compendium for Labyrinth Lord. Pete Spahn puts out some great OSR content and this is shaping up to be amazing. Five dollars gets you a pdf of the compendium, and ten gets you that and extra pdf's. Check it out here. This upcoming year, I would love to run Dwimmermount at my flgs (Ravenstone), and in addition to the standard pregens, I may have some from the aforementioned compendium. More on that in the time leading up to the new year.

     Well, take care and see you all later!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall down five times, get up six!

     Since messing up my thumb, I have been laying off it. No writing (with a pen/pencil) and no drawing. Since yesterday, I have stepped on the path back to where I once was. It is weird that just a couple of weeks can change how I approach art and follow through with it. Previously it was something of a habit that I took for granted, now it is like a muscle that needs retrained, almost like I need physical therapy. Last night I did a couple little sketches, tonight I became a little ambitious and realized I was overreaching.

     I really want to get back into the groove, and I hope at the end of the week I will have some of that magic back. I will keep you guys posted, take care everyone!

Veteran's Day 2014

     Thanks to all of the people out who have/and are currently serving in our countries armed forces. My first experience with role-playing (specifically Dungeons and Dragons) was through a cousin who later went on to serve in the army. Thanks George, and all of the other veterans out there. Semper fidelis, semper anticus!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Getting back on the horse

     Nearly two weeks ago I injured my thumb, thankfully I only damaged the ligament but I was unable the write, or more importantly draw. This swelling has almost completely gone and I feel up to the challenge of creating again. Crawling Under a Broken Moon #4 just came out, featuring the Mighty Kizz- Intergalactic God of Rock n Roll! Lots of great art in there by Frank Turfler, Jr, Todd McGowan, Claytonian JP, and something from little old me. Seriously awesome art and content, Reid San Fillipo with additional writing from Sean Ellis and Ryan Moore. If you love DCC RPG and/or post apocalyptic weirdness you owe it to yourself to check it out.

     Going to get some art done tomorrow, as well as some work on a secret project I have going on. Also I need to figure out what I will be doing at Gary Con, whether I am running games or just playing. Either way I know it will be amazing, especially since several of my friends will be there as well. If anyone reading this has anything to say about Gary Con, the upcoming or past, leave a comment below. I will be back later, take care guys!