Friday, March 4, 2016

We will resume our irregular broadcast.....

     Here we are, hopefully moving back to (somewhat) normal. Getting rooms painted, things fixed around here in anticipation of moving in a couple of years. Got the office back, for a couple of weeks it was my bedroom. Hard to get to writing with no room to sit, but plenty to lay down, maybe take a nap. *sigh*

     This weekend is Gary Con VIII in all it's glory, taunting me from the interwebs. Chris Perkins is there as well as Satine Phoenix from I Hit It With My Axe and art for Machinations of a Space Princess.Several friends and acquaintances are there and I envy them. Maybe next year. I am hoping that since I plan to start making prints of my work, that maybe some of my friends and I may get a table at next year's event. Anyone wanna volunteer to lead the charge with me?

     Origins is June 15th-19th this year, and I have heard a few unflattering comments about it's appearance in recent years. That the dealer's hall resembles a flea market. Though isn't Origins supposed to be the convention you come to play games? Gen Con is more for seeing the new hotness, but people showed up to Origins for tournaments or just to play and socialize. I am hoping to run or play in some games this year. Of course I missed registering any games so anything I run will be off the grid.
     Also, earlier today I picked up some Appendix N literature that I am really excited about. Mostly because I have never seen any physical books by either of these authors. 
Many Wade Wellman and Poul Anderson, two books from each. I have read stories from Tolkien, Howard, Lovecraft, and Leiber; so expanding my reading with these guys should be fantastic.

     In regards to the BX Campaign challenge, things have slowed but continue to move forward. Being creative can be crazy at times, because I keep having ideas for different projects but I need to buckle down and knock the challenge out first.

     Enough for now, gotta get back to work. take care and have fun guys!