Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Who Found and Con on the Cob 2013!!

     I am sure most of you have heard/been following the rumors/stories about a large cache of BBC television episodes (that includes Doctor Who) and finally the BBC is ready to announce what they have this Friday. This feels like a dream come true and I am very excited to hear what they have. For far too long we have had a hole in the show's history that we have tried to fill with novelizations, reconstructions, and audios. Soon we will be able to judge for ourselves whether these stories are indeed amazing works or if indeed, the memory cheats. Which brings me to the Con on the Cob aspect of this post, that this Friday is the final day to preregister for the con. Saturday, October 19th at 3PM. I will be part of a Doctor Who roundtable discussing this amazing show and it's history. I am looking forward to seeing the impact that this discovery will have on the audience members. Will there be people complaining about the repeated use of the "base under siege" plot device in Troughton's first couple seasons or people wondering why the Great Intelligence is a creepy voice who controls these furry, robotic "yeti". I look forward to this Friday's announcement and the Saturday at the con with much anticipation!

     Also, if you are at Con on the Cob and you are a gamer, please come to my seminar(?) that Saturday at 5PM where I will go over the history of the Doctor Who rpg's and their current version. There will be links to online resources that will be helpful no matter what system you use.