Sunday, June 15, 2014

Origins 2014: Day two/three

     When I stay late at the con, I have a hard time posting after or first thing the next day. So here we go.
     This year they are using even more of the convention center than before. This space marine was guarding a door at the end of a long, empty hallway. "Can I see your ID? I guess you can see the miniatures hall now." You can hear the disappointment in his voice that he can't vaporize you "Man what a worthless post!" and inside.
     The terrain is awesome, as usual. I love when you can look at a setup and guess what they used to build it. Here is another one.
     I did some hanging out with friends, and in one instance of trying locator someone, I got into a game of Xcrawl, run by the inimitable Brendan LaSalle (I hope I got his name right) Xcrawl is set in a modern day fantasy world where Xcrawl is a televised sport/dungeon crawl. It was cool seeing the other players get into character, shouting catch phrases and busting out moves. I kind of lock up when I am playing a game I am not familiar with, alongside complete strangers. Despite that, it was a lot of fun, but I had to hurry back to the dealer's room!

     My friends were going to BD.s for dinner, eventually forming a fairly large group. Thankfully we had made reservations. The food was good, the company even better. There was a drawing, if you signed up for their (BD's) club they would randomly pull an application and that individual got a free desert. They winner was Kay Steele who picked the biggest desert and shared with her end of the table.
Left to right; James and Bill Stolpin, Kay Steele, Tony Steele (obscured by Scott's hat) and Scott Frank
     Afterwards we retired to the Crown Plaza where we lounged around their fire pit (?) drank and socialized.
     Afterwards I went home, tired but content, and not willing to stay up long enough to post. *sigh*
     Each day, before heading to the con, I have stopped by my local coffee shop to get a cuppa. If anyone happens to be in Westerville, the Java Joint is a great place for coffee! One of these days, I might try to run a game there. Enough of that, onto day three!

     Saturday I stopped to pick a friend up so he could go to the con for a day. When we arrived there was a pulsing mass of humanity awaiting him at registration. I wished him luck and headed off. Now that I think about it, that was a little mean. The first part of the day, I had my daughter with me. Since she had no desire to see the dealer's room, we skipped the ginormous line and just wandered around downtown and hung out. We then left to have lunch with my wife and boy assistant #2 (my youngest) and then my wife and I returned. We basically visited friends for the rest of the day, but we did stop and try Mayfair's Witches board game. Based on Terry Pratchett's book series of the same name, you are one of four witches roaming the countryside helping out. As you solve the various problems, you accumulate victory points, though if certain things happen on the board then everyone loses.

     We then went to the Happy Greek with friends and had dinner with friends, topping it all off with a "galactic burrito" (the nickname our friends gave it when they came Thursday night)
devouring the galactic burrito

     So ended Saturday. More to come later!

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  1. Great stuff! Thanks for this series of posts about Origins!