Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dwimmermount:disappointment and hope

    Dwimmermount was originally expected to be out in August of 2012. When it's creator dropped off the 'net due to health concerns (which I will not go into here) it eventually was turned over to others to finish his work. I admit I do not know all of the intricate details, who messed up or whatever, but I do know that it continued to be worked on as opposed to folks just running off with the money. It looks like we may finally see a finished product.

     So why are people not at least happy or interested that it is coming out? The tone is that they are relieved they were not in the kickstarter, not "Wow, it's finally coming out? I wonder what it's like?" The mega dungeon and it's environs still captivate me as much as it did two years ago, and I am hoping to run it sometime. The sci fi/fantasy aspects as well as the larger world it is set against is very intriguing and I look forward to holding the book in my hands.

     I prefer to be positive about these things, which is good for my well being. I would save my vitriol for something that truly deserves it, as opposed to this which is only an inconvenience.

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