Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crawling Under a Broken Moon issue two

     Issue two of this great post apocalyptic fanzine (Dungeon Crawl Classics compatible) is available, check it out! This issue introduces a new class: the Mutant! Included in that article are some mutation tables that come in handy to mutate various animals, as they demonstrate later in the 'zine. As we all know, tables can be used universally, whatever system you use, I may just use them for Mutant Future if I ever get a campaign of that going. Twisted Menagerie showcases three new creatures, two of the which of use in the following section: Interesting Places to Die. The Floating Tower of the Cyberhive, an enticing location to be sure, has such promise for adventure I desperately wish for a group to terrorize, um I mean run through it. Don't just take my word for it, check it out!

     For the record, I have a couple of illustrations in this issue with more to come. My small contribution aside, this is a great supplement for DCC and post apocalyptic games in general. Let me know what you think and take care, folks!

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