Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1st, getting this month rolling

     Here we are, beginning of June and I am looking forward to it all. Went to breakfast with Boy Assistant #2 at a nearby field office (coffee shop with wifi) when I discovered I had left my tablet and sketching supplies behind. Oh well, just means we get to hang out and chat.
Yep, kind off how it goes with Boy Assistant #2  
     Eventually getting home, I then decided to dig into another illustration for the Deviant Database 2.0. The chitterer, ie. a squirrel headed crab. Here is the rough pencil sketches I just finished up.
Did separate sketches of crabs and a squirrel so I could get a feel for how their bodies work, I gave the hybrid a shot. Next is coming up with a good pose for it and then diving in. Should be a lot of fun.

     In other news I will be helping get something together for free rpg day at my local flgs. The people in charge of the event were able to get something together to send to him, so I will run a game that day and hopefully there will be other games going on. Stay tuned for further updates! Take care, and hope everyone is having a good start to their month!

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