Thursday, June 19, 2014

Origins 2014: Odds and Sods

     Here are a few things that slipped by my original set of Origins posts. First off, the Kenzer and Company booth had this cool gladiatorial mini setup.
Do we not die for your amusement? Oh, we're getting packed away? Never mind then.
Sadly I never thought to take a picture of the caves set up that I had played in earlier in the con.

     The Crowne Plaza hotel was home to the Munchkin Tavern, where you could buy some cool Munchkin stuff (Also Pocket Sized Ogre!!) and they had a wheel you could spin for cool swag! In the bar they had these place mats you could color, with crayons provided.
My place mat

My wife's, I like hers better than mine!
     Then finally we have...
David Lee Pancake
     I got to hang out with David Lee a little bit throughout the con, if you stopped by his booth you know he has some amazing art. He won the best 3D award for Ophelia, which I think you can see part of in the picture above, to the right of Dave. Again, sorry for the blurry pics, I was rushing around like a mad man.

     So, another Origins has come and gone, here's hoping next year is even better and that any problems that cropped up this year are fixed for the next. Take care all!

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