Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Free RPG Day, 2014

      Free RPG Day is happening here in Columbus, I credit my ability to bug my local flgs into action. I plan to run Elzemon and the Blood Drinking Box (DCC RPG) that day from 2-6 and I encourage anyone who feels like it to come and run something. Currently there is no Pathfinder Society games planned, so I will have the table up front, but if there is any overlap I am sure something can be worked out. I suspect the fact that it is the first weekend after Origins is why nothing is scheduled at Ravenstone. Since Elzemon is a first level adventure, I am hoping people show up to play June 11th to run that 0 level funnel and have first level characters. Otherwise I will have some first levels rolled up, though I would prefer something the players were a bit invested in.

     Enough of that, if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area and wish to try out Dungeon Crawl Classics or feel like running something else then head over to Ravenstone Games and let them know. The sooner the better. Take care, and happy gaming!

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