Monday, January 6, 2014

February's game: Streets of Bedlam

     February eighth at 12:30 I will be running Streets of Bedlam. Crooked cops in a crooked city, can the PC's make a difference, or will the festering pit of Bedlam swallow them whole? Picking this as the next game was easy, since I have recently started watching Life on Mars and Luther. John Simm is amazing in 'Mars, I am loving all the period stuff in there (it is set in '73, kind of) as well as the investigative stuff and the mystery of why he is there. I am halfway through the first season of Life on Mars but only the first two episodes of Luther. I Idris Elba in everything I have seen him in, in here he has a massive physical presence but he has moments of thoughtfulness. Just wonderful! I will have a sign up sheet for the Bedlam soon, but remember I still have the Shaintar game on the 18th of this month. Come to Ravenstone, it will be a blast!

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