Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Maps, round two

     As I worked on this had an idea for a magic academy. It started similar to my first one, this began with the main hallway. I wanted rooms jutting off it, then the idea for the balcony led to my having it become multilevel. I decided the instructors would want to be able to move about freely, hence the secret doors.
     In the lower left region is the students quarters, with their caretaker having a large bedroom/office with access to the secret corridor. The large room in the lower right of the map is a laboratory, presumably with some horrific monstrosity behind the curtain. Something I have deliberately done with these maps is leave some of the rooms with nothing in them. These maps are more for GM's, so if I decide to use it for two different groups then I can change things around. I just number the rooms and have two sets of notes or I could fly by the seat of my pants.

     At the end of this I decided to make it go into a lower level, this is the supply room and students living quarters, with secret rooms for experiments or lounging around. Friday will bring us further into the school. Hope you guys like these!

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