Friday, March 7, 2014

March Maps, round three

     Here we are, Friday! Third map and second part of the magic academy.
     I had decided this academy needed a library. There are some other rooms, mostly in the secret area to the right but the main feature is the library, with a table and chairs for the students. Just above it is a semi private study area and the librarian's office, with access to the secret section, of course. Something I have not mentioned is that each square is meant to be five feet, just so you know. Also I have put even more statues, maybe they are of great past graduates, it is all up to whoever is using it. The two 10'x15' rooms in the middle right are experiment rooms, for what I had not decided, presumably something nasty.

     Well, the first week is down, with more to come. I hope to hear from some of you, leave me a comment please. Take care and have a good weekend

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