Monday, March 3, 2014

March Maps Kickoff!

     So here we are, second day of March and Monday I will show you something from my little map book. Here are some things I put together for my 4E game using Gaming Paper, which I found to be pretty useful for making tactical maps.
     This was one I got a lot of use out of, since they started out in a village in the swamp this was my generic swamp map. I had some map tiles that I could set on here to change it up. Used sharpies on it, had to switch between pens because one would start to dry out on me. Still pretty fun to do.
     This was a park where they were supposed to meet someone, and a big demon jumped out and attacked them. The yellow marks the foot paths and the circular bit in the middle was a sunken (you had to step down into it) area with benches. Only used it the one time, though.
     Another single use map, this was the part of a major turning point in the campaign. The big bad had a friend of theirs hostage, or so they thought. After the fight was over, they found the tiefling ambassador they were trying to save had been dead for awhile. It was set in a church, hence all benches and the the altar/podium on the "stage" area.

     Tomorrow I will be posting my new stuff and I hope you enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you think. Take care everyone!

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