Monday, March 31, 2014

March Maps, round thirteen

     The last day of March is upon us, and therefore so are it's maps. This final map connects to last Friday's through that corridor you had to squeeze into, remember?
     The large central cave is home to four natural pillars and an altar, and below are the quarters of the people, or creatures who worship at that altar. It's residents favor archways to doors, and there is a set of stairs going down, down, down.

     Above that central cave we have another cave you have to squeeze to get into. This area houses a group of clerics whom are spying on the main group. They keep watch in the three pillared cave and sleep lightly in there rooms, of course with archways. Their area ends with double doors to their worship hall.

     Of course the two religious factions could be friendly, that is up to whomever is using the map. I had fun thinking different situations where a central cave for worship would spawn. Any ideas out there, let me know? Later guys, tomorrow starts April Artifice!

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