Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March Maps, round seven!

     A bit late today, but I wanted to get that post about yesterday's game out there. Alright, check this out!
     So, basically I took an idea from Jurgen Mayer's entry in the Dungeon of Lost Coppers contest that Dyson ran last month. Called Summoner Sanctuary, it had a huge star shaped section dominating the upper middle portion that inspired this map. This is an enclosed summoning star with four elements and the void represented. The solid rock on the other side of the double doors is not a mistake, entrance to this place is via portals, so the doors are more for show. Summoners are rarely trusted and often persecuted so the need a private place to hone their skills. The red is either magma or raw energy, each circle awaits representation of the appropriate element, with void being open to interpretation. The summoner stands outside the star and when the ceremony is over, the creature is hopefully contained in the central pentagon.

     This makes me want to start a campaign based around the idea of persecuted spellcasters, but what do you guys think of all this? Please let me know in the comments section, and take care folks!

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