Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Maps, bonus weekend post part two!!

Here we are, heading into the last full week of March and I wanted to show you the map I made up for my Labyrinth Lord game last Sunday.
     Vol Choloris' Lair includes areas for the wild men to live (#3) and worship the "forest spirit", as well as a wood imp encounter topside (#1) and an ogre (#2) guarding the rope that serves as the entrance. The great tree has it's roots wrapped around the artifact that is providing the dragon his power. An underground river has been diverted to provide a waterfall for the lair. In the encampment, I started but never finished, when they dug the hole for their latrine it broke into a giant ant's nest. Most of this was not explored in the adventure due to time constraints and lack of pc's, so I decided I would share this with you guys. Hope you like it and maybe get some kind of use out of it. Let me know what you all think!

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