Monday, March 10, 2014

March Maps, round four!

     Here we are, second week of March and I hope you have gotten something out of this. This is the third and final (so far) of my Tellarian Academy series, my magic school. As I have gone along my thinking/planning for what kind of rooms should be there has been if this was an actual place of learning, what would be there. So of I were to use these maps I could run a game where the pc's are all magic users of one type or another, maybe investigating some at the school. I also think about what would it be like to explore this place long after it has been abandoned. What type of creatures would move in and claim this place for their own? Enough of that, let us get to the map.
     This is the eating/banquet halls. I have made sure that each of these floors connect, therefore this is the third one down. Once more we have the secret hallway, though no hidden rooms since this is mainly for dining. A kitchen sits in the lower middle room and I have placed toilets in the little rooms just south of the dining halls. I picture some poor freshman have to drop a special potion to clean out the crappers, haha. Also, for some reason I am fond of sticking a chair and small table in restroom.

     Later I plan on gathering the academy levels together and fixing anything I feel does not work. All in all I am pretty happy with these levels. Let me know what you all think, please leave a comment.

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