Monday, March 10, 2014

March Maps, bonus weekend post

     This is my first stab at designing a dwarfhold, from early last year and unfortunately using a cheap tablet of graph paper. The gatehouse/entrance is a huge open area where visitors can wait until they are granted admittance to rest of the city. Central is an immense statue of the founding dwarven king, of course it is the first thing you see coming in through the main gate. To the left and right of the gates (1a and 1b) are the guardhouses and next (2a and 2b) we have the stables for visitors mounts. Past the statue we have a well and the guard's barracks. The four rectangular buildings past the barracks are the toilets. What I had not got around to was the buildings on either side, which were to be the visitor's bureau (to the left) and an inn (to the right) Massive gates on both sides help to contain an invading force if they happen to get past the main gates.

     I hope to finish this and the rest of the dwarfhold sometime soon, and when I do I will let you guys see it. Tomorrow begins to second week and I am looking forward to what you guys think of the maps I have in store. Hope to hear from you all, take care!

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