Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Maps, round eight. The Eagle's Aerie

     Here we are, Wednesday March 19th and we have our second dwarf construct. The first being the dwarfhold entrance and gatehouse.
     After working on the star from the previous map, I wanted to do something a little more out there. You enter from the tower at the bottom of the page, this is meant to be jutting out from the side of a mountain top. An open air platform, each walkway that comes out from either side ends in a square that is meant to house a nest (giant eagle, griffin, hippogryph, whatever) and each is trained to accept a rider. The columns along the center can be used when on flying maneuvers and, in the case of attack by other flying creatures, can be used to shake persuer's. In addition, in the case of a large enough attacker, they are trained to "encourage" them to become impaled on the angular prongs at the Northern end of the structure.

     There are more dwarf architecture to come, so we will get into the discussion of what feels correct then. As always, feel free to comment, thanks!

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