Monday, August 26, 2019

Pics of my FASA Doctor Who adventures

     Starting with Lords of Destiny, where the PC's lands their TARDIS on a world ship that is traveling faster than the speed of light. If they can't convince the "locals" to cooperate, the universe is in jeopardy. 

     Countdown has the PC's materializing on another spaceship, this one on a mission to deliver a vital serum to a plague ridden world. You need only look at the cover to realize who is going to spoil those plans.

     The Hartlewick Horror, by Ray Winninger, reportedly originally written for Call of Cthulhu. When it wasn't accepted by Chaosium, it was adapted to Doctor Who. It definitely fits, disappearing villagers, archaeological dig at a druidic mound, and unexplained energy fields. Very reminiscent of Image of the Fendahl.

     Then we come to The Warriors Code, the first one to be perfect bound (?) Where the others were stapled. The TARDIS is forced to materialize in feudal Japan after colliding with Time ship. A power play is occurring amongst the samurai and the PC's must navigate the politics in this land of the rising sun.

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