Friday, October 22, 2010

Con the Cob 2010

Apologies to everyone, I have been slacking in regards to my poor blog here. I am here to rectify that by telling you about Con on the Cob, an amazing little convention I attended this past weekend. It's a four day event that occurs around Halloween, anytime from mid October to the beginning of November. This year it was October 14th-17th, unfortunately I missed Thursday but was there Friday at noon until closing ceremonies on Sunday.

I cannot plan for conventions, as a rule, and here is why: I don't like disappointment. Years ago I signed up for a few games at Origins and was really looking forward to them. When it came time for them, I was appalled at the (im)maturity level of the some (all in one case) of my fellow players. So now I just see what is available when I get to a con.

I came prepared to play Savage Worlds and 4E LFR, and was a bit disappointed to see the LFR events were two dollars a piece. Which is average for a con but traditionally CotC is usually all about free gaming, and I decided to put my focus into playing SW, especially Sean Patrick Fannon's epic three part Shaintar game he was running (he was also the gaming guest of honor). If anyone knows why LFR was being charged for, let me know or just reply here, I'm sure there was a fine reason, I just wasn't worried enough to investigate.

Shaintar is a wonderful, detailed world that encourages stunts, risk taking, and amazing acts of heroism, even more so when Sean is running. Pregens were available that you could take and level as you played and along the way your character would acquire items and/or titles (Chosen of the Horn, ohmigod!). I missed the first game but got in on parts two and three, eventually getting Chosen of the Horn status for the ogre I played at the end of part three. The great thing about this game is if I play in another game Sean is running, I'll be able to play this character (if it's the appropriate level, of course).

The first part sounded pretty standard, Grayson's Grey Rangers were sent on a mission that dovetailed into the second, and finally third parts. I picked an ogre so I wouldn't have to watch where I stepped, and really, since my ogre (Grolsch) had trouble seeing far away I could afford to be a bit bullish, hehe. At the end of part two we discovered there was a bigger menace than we had previously thought, and soon we were off to save the world.

Part three was even more fun and amazing due to the fact that the game was being played at two tables, up until the climax. Essentially it was two groups working towards the same point, and man it was exciting! I don't want to spoil it for anyone who may play this in the future, and there were some new story elements I believe will be showing up for the first time in the new books coming from Reality Blurs next year. Just be assured, it will be awesome!!

Art is the main focus of the con, though, with artwork and artists hanging around it is inescapable. I was there in the beginning when it was a group of amazing artists, and I'm proud that has grown into this great event I can attend every year. For the art alone, it's worth it and when you add in the comedy music track (Positive Attitude, Worm Quartet, Luke Ski), miniatures (terrain and paint n' take), an amazing children's track, and a lot of gaming. Well, it can be overwhelming, it has to be experienced to be believed.

That's all for now, hope to hear from some of you guys out there.

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