Saturday, April 26, 2014

Origins and Gen Con 2014

     Planning ahead this year. In regards to what I normally do, this is planning ahead. I have the time off for Origins, so my next step is seeing what they have going on. Unfortunately it seems like their website is not updated as they only have the author guest of honor (Tracy Hickman) and one special guest (Alaina Huffman) When I went to register and get a badge, it would not let me finalize, so that may also be why when I go to look at what games are being run it shows me a blank page. Since we are six and a half weeks away from the show, I hope this gets taken care of soon.

     It is not definite that I am going to Gen Con, but they have some great people guesting there, including Therese Nielsen and Jim Butcher. Then there is the sizable industry insider list, which can be found here. Very exciting stuff all around, and with one hundred and eight days to go, there is plenty of time to prepare. Hopefully there are still rooms available close to the venue.

     So you will definitely some Origins reporting out of me this year, and maybe some Gen Con as well. Last year I only attended Gen Con for one day, so if I go this year it will be for a lot longer than that. Take care and hope to see some of you around!

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