Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Basic Androids in Mutant Future

     Talking about my upcoming game with a friend and I mentioned that I had done the pre gens. He asked what the androids looked like, were they just like humans or blue skinned? I had not really thought of it, though I think that when they get hit, there should be a chance their face will fall off.
     So should it be a case of not wanting to make regular humans uneasy, so the android's creators made them obviously different?
     I think maybe I will let whomever picks the basic android gets to decide what color it is, either red,blue or yellow. Also, no matter what, their eyes wont be quite right. Maybe just a bit vacant. Any opinions, ideas! Send them on in. Later guys!


  1. It all depends on why they were made. If they're supposed to work alongside humans then I imagine something humanlike with some obvious "I'm an android" markers -- silver eyes, a chirp in their voice. If they're soldiers then they're probably more obviously not human and perhaps threatening. If they are for "undercover" work then they'll be indistinguishable unless they take a few HPs and their face falls off in the time-honored Westworld style.

  2. Sorry for the slow response, thanks for the feedback! Take care :-)