Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Look what was waiting for me...

     Look at this
     Richard LeBlanc, Jr. has some cool stuff, if you are unfamiliar check it out here. The D30 DM Companion and D30 Sandbox Companion which I had ordered just last week from New Big Dragon. I work second shift, so all I could do is look through them. It is habit for me, if I am excited about a book I cannot read through it, instead I can only flit from section to section. So today I will be checking them out, and lamenting not having a d30 handy.

     The cover/pages are great quality and the art is wonderful. Very reminiscent of the first supplements put out for D&D. I am excited about the worksheets he has in these. The dungeon crawl worksheet for developing a single room (I hope that's correct), what is special about it, any traps, basically what is here. Hex crawl worksheet, which I think is my favorite, helps you develop an area and place it in the larger world. The settlement worksheet is exactly what it says, with a handy checklist for what vendors/shops are in town and how many of each in case it is a large city. Both books come with a mapping key, which I always love since it will help with my map making. The rest of these two invaluable assets are mainly tantalizing tables to help indecisive game masters flesh out their locales, or give exciting ideas to those looking for that spark!

     Alright, enough of that. I have some stuff to do, hehe.Take care everyone, and do yourself a favor and check Richard's site out.

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