Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Artifice number four

     When determining treasure there is always the chance there may be some jewelry in the stash. Then you have to determine what it is and how much it is worth. Well, here is something you can throw in there next time.

Bronze Torc
     A typical piece of neckwear, worn by various Northern tribes. This particular one has a secret, one end can be removed to reveal a small hollow. A note can be hidden within, possibly indicating where a treasure may be hidden. It's base value could be around forty to sixty gold, but young nobles prize these so a higher price can squeeze from those individuals. Usually torcs like these are worn by North men of great importance, so having one in your possession is a sign of power. At least that is the consensus among spoiled noble brats. The GM can move the asking price for such an item however he sees fit.

     That is all, let me know what you think, and take care!

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