Friday, April 25, 2014

April Artifice number five

     So far this month, my April Artifice idea has been a bit of a bust, especially compared to March Maps. The month is almost over and this is only my fifth installment. If I do this again, I hope to I learn something from this. Well, onto the item, which I freely admit to thinking about after hearing a mention of Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamoto. Let me know what you think, guys!
The Peering Glass
     This rather thick spar of what looks like quartz crystal is an amazing device. When things are viewed through it, if an illusion is present the user sees what is really there. Also the owner can read languages and writings that were previously unknown to him while looking at the script through the glass.

      This crystal is actually a part of a crystal temple/palace floating in the astral sea, mystically tuned to subtle illusion breaking/translating frequencies. Unfortunately the glass can work against the possessor. Each time it is used, the person looking through the spar must save vs. spells (at +2 though) to successfully use it. If a natural one is rolled, something has peered back at the user. Roll 1d6, on 2-6 a sense of dread falls over the owner. On a one though, the user sees what is staring back at him, and must make a save vs. paralysis or be unable to move for five minutes as he feels a chill through his very core.

     Adventurers may visit the crystal edifice if the GM is so inclined, as the evil influence may seek to exert itself upon the owner of the glass if it becomes more aware of the user.

     As usual, let me know what you all think, comments are always welcome and take care!

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