Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Artifice number three

     Here is my second entry into the OSR Superstar competition. It was a quick little thing that I through in at the last moment, so I am adding a bit to it. Here it goes!

Leather Armor of Immolation +2
     This looks like a standard suit of leather armor, though darker than most. It has a powerful  illusory enchantment placed upon it.When activated, via special code phrase, the wearer appears to be engulfed in flames. All people/creatures in melee with the person will need to make a save vs. spells and anyone failing  that will run away or find another target out of melee range of the armor. A person failing their save who was attempting to grapple, or was touching the armor takes 1d6 damage from psychic damage.This effect, useable once per day, lasts five minutes or when another code phrase is spoken. Unfortunately being a bright ball of flame does make it easier for ranged attacks, say +1?

     In regards to code phrases, they can be silly or serious. To activate maybe singing "It's getting hot in here" and to deactivate saying "What's cooler than cool?" As always, let me know what you think, take care!

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