Saturday, October 29, 2011

What to Play!! part 2

  Tonight’s first game is the amazing deadlands, set out west in a United States where the Civil war is “on pause” so to speak. It is 1879 and it seems the dead just won’t lay easily, the Civil War that has been going on for the past twenty years has ground to a halt, and a new mineral called ghost rock is every scientists dream. Throw in giant worms in the desert and it would resemble a western crossed with a zombie movie and Tremors. Basically, there is something big and bad trying to keep the world in chaos, and they are doing a fine job of it. An awesome setting with plenty of support, I am always impressed when I see it being run by the demo team (Evil Mike and Chaos Steve) or the big bug himself, Matt Cutter.

     Next up is weird war II. Remember me saying in the previous paragraph about that big bad force keeping everything in chaos? Well this is the same thing, only set during World War II. The darkness is everywhere and must be fought; you can fight it in the Pacific, Europe, North Africa, or Russia. You can play different nationalities of soldiers; there is naval and aerial combat, as well as tanks and just plain old shooting at each other.

     Last for now are pirates of the Spanish Main, based off the Wizkids property of the same name. Set during the age of piracy you get to play any number of characters from pirates and privateers to missionaries and nobles. While not historically accurate, it fleshes out life at sea enough for role playing, and if you have any ships from the Wizkids games, they can be used here as well. Unfortunately Pinnacle had to discontinue the line when Wizkids went under. Personally I would like to run a fantasy game stealing from this book for swashbuckling fun as the bestiary is predominantly real world stuff with ghosts and a couple other undead thrown in.

     Thanks for checking this out, remember you can check out info on all of these games at the savage worlds site  so until next time, take care!

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