Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is Low Life the new Gamma World?

     Since the fourth edition version of gamma world came out a year ago, I have been tempted to pick up a copy. The wild characters you can create held a twisted appeal to me but something stopped me from following through with an actual purchase. I already own a copy, it is called low life, and you can really come up with some crazy characters with it. It takes place on a Earth that has suffered many calamities, a post, post, post apocalyptic world you might say. There are no humans, but croaches, werms and sentient snack cakes roam the land. Compared to gamma world's random character generation I feel low life is close, players are able to come up with some wild creations if they put their minds to it. Here is the synopsis from the low life site:     Sword & Sorcery Adventure in a shattered world inhabited by the descendants of cockroaches, worms, snack cakes, and stranded aliens. Discover the arcane secrets of hocus pokery, dementalism, smellcasting, and holy rolling. Battle hideous beasts, risen from the rubble of ancient civilizations. Enjoy a light lunch at the Primordial Soup Kitchen. Mutha Oith is a world of grand adventure and deadly peril; a world of conflict and danger. It is a land of epic heroism and great evil, a realm of horror and violence, a bold land where even the lowliest cockroach can become a king by his own sword and the most wretched gob of filth can become a gawd.
     Are you werm enough to follow your destiny? Do you have the nuggets to take your rightful place among Oith's most valiant heroes? If so, strap on your esophagator hide shield, pick up your poo flinger and your big ass cleaver, mount your pygmy slog, whisper a prayer to Jelvis, kiss your larvae goodbye, and open the goosin' book. The muck-riddled road to epic adventure stands before you... 

     How does that sound? In addition to playing any of the several wild races (bodul, creamfillian, croach, horc, smelf, oofo, pile, and tiznt) you can customize your weapon. I saw someone playing a creamfillian (sentient snack cakes that hate the ancient human race for imprisoning their ancestors in little plastic bags and devouring them) who was wielding a rubber chicken with nails in it! As long as gamers have a little imagination, stuff like this is possible. How about a tiznt, which is a mix of different animals picked by the player, riding a green caterpillar toy from when I was a kid.

     That is another thing, artifacts of the "hooman" race can still exist, just like in gamma world, so you can have a werm living in a potato chip can that is now tall enough to be a house. Really, gamma world sounds fun but since I already own a product that can do practically the same thing, I think I will just stay with low life.

     Any questions please leave in the comments section below, and if you are curious, here is a link to the low life site and a link to my first post which where I spoke of running a low life demo game Take care guys!!

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