Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last 4E game for awhile

     Tonight was the last game before my hiatus, in two weeks my group and I will determine what savage worlds game we will play. First I would like to tell you how I wrapped up tonight's D&D game. Last time we played, the group had recovered a lost tiefling artifact and they were now heading back to the surface with it. Thornfel and Praxana were nowhere to be seen, as well as their friend Venomia. A carriage took them from the edge of the Starfel to a fancy building where they could rest, as they were expected to attend a party later that evening.

     Upon their arrival they began to mingle with the crowd, Quarion received a warning from a representative from the scarlet spire (wizard's college, kinda) and Jinx's cousin warned her that her family knows that she is here. After a bit Thornfel and Praxana appeared atop a platform positioned along the wall on one side of the room, asking for Jinx to come up. Thornfel, alongside Jinx with Praxana standing at the back of the platform, announced that tonight signaled a new age for tieflings. The group started to feel uneasy when Thornfel used the word "conquerors" somewhere in his little speech which ended with him asking Jinx to hand over the artifact. That is when she bull rushed him off the stage, and all hell broke loose. From a curtained area at the back of the stage, Jinx's sister Astrid burst forth, commanding her minion in the audience to attack. Reminder for everyone, Astrid is a vampire, and so are her minions.

     After a fierce battle, the dwarf Praxana was left to face the ire of a group of betrayed pc's, so she quickly surrendered. The bodies of Venomia and the ruling council were found behind the curtain along with an inactive gate to Hell. The players notice a note on Venomia's person instructing them on how to use the artifact to help the tiefling people. Following the instructions, the pc's used the artifact to create a city floating above the Starfel, formed from the ruins and debris from it.

     That seemed like a pretty good place to stop, there are still some plot threads dangling in the wind, but they now have a new base from which to operate. Hope everyone out there is doing alright, take care.

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